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Physics Tutoring for grade 11- Find home Tutors, Online Tutors, home Tuition & Private Tutors for physics Class XI

MLK Home & Online Tutor can help you find the most qualified home & Online Physics Tutors for class/grade 11 across Ghaziabad, Noida, Delhi, Bangalore in Karnataka, Pune in Maharashtra, Hyderabad in Andhra Pradesh, Mumbai in Maharashtra, New Delhi in Delhi, Gurgaon in Haryana, Chandigarh in Punjab and Haryana, Noida in Uttar Pradesh, Ahmedabad in Gujarat & Chennai in Tamil nadu.

MLK Home & Online Tutor can help you find Physics Tutors for class/grade 11 we have available nears you. We will send him to your home for one free trial class, if satisfied with his tutoring, and then continue. We are the only place, where just a single Call or Message will recommend you Physics Tutors for class/grade XI for your personal needs, arranged according to their rates and distance from you. Science can be an extremely tough subject to get to grips with, but private Science tuition can really help your learning!

If you are a Physics Tutor wishing to provide home tutoring in Physics for class/grade 11 or in any of our other subjects, please register with MLK Home & Online Tutor.

MLK Home & Online Tutoring Service offers Physics tutoring for students in grades 9-12, OLYMPIADS, NTSE test preparation and foundation course for AIEEE and IIT-JEE entrance exams with one-on-one instruction in various areas and topics in Physics. The emphasis is on teaching the fundamentals of Physics through real-life examples and illustrations.

MLK Home and online Tutoring Service offers Physics Home Tuitions and Private Online Tuitions in Ghaziabad, Noida and East Delhi for the following Grades:

Physics Grade 9
Physics Grade 10
Physics Grade 12

Physics Tutors – Program Details

MLK Home & Online Tutoring Service’s Physics tutoring programs put an emphasis on teaching the fundamentals of Physics using observations from everyday life and illustrative reference materials. Our program includes lesson plans that cover the following topics:

Physics Syllabus for Grade 11

Unit I: Physical World and Measurement

  • Physics: Scope and excitement
  • nature of physical laws; Physics, technology and society
  • Need for measurement: Units of measurement
  • systems of units; SI units, fundamental and derived units
  • Length, mass and time measurements
  • accuracy and precision of measuring instruments
  • errors in measurement; significant figures
  • Dimensions of physical quantities
  • dimensional analysis and its applications

Unit II: Kinematics

  • Frame of reference
  • Motion in a straight line
  • Position-time graph
  • speed and velocity
  • Uniform and non-uniform motion
  • average speed and instantaneous velocity
  • Uniformly accelerated motion
  • velocitytime and position-time graphs
  • relations for uniformly accelerated motion (graphical treatment)
  • Elementary concepts of differentiation and integration for describing motion
  • Scalar and vector quantities: Position and displacement vectors
  • general vectors and notation
  • equality of vectors
  • multiplication of vectors by a real number
  • addition and subtraction of vectors
  • Relative velocity
  • Unit vectors
  • Resolution of a vector in a plane – rectangular components
  • Scalar and Vector products of Vectors
  • Motion in a plane
  • Cases of uniform velocity and uniform acceleration – projectile motion
  • Uniform circular motion

Unit III: Laws of Motion

  • Intuitive concept of force
  • Inertia
  • Newton’s first law of motion
  • momentum and Newton’s second law of motion
  • impulse
  • Newton’s third law of motion
  • Law of conservation of linear momentum and its applications
  • Equilibrium of concurrent forces
  • Static and kinetic friction
  • laws of friction
  • rolling friction
  • lubrication
  • Dynamics of uniform circular motion
  • Centripetal force
  • examples of circular motion (vehicle on level circular road, vehicle on banked road)

Unit IV: Work, Energy and Power

  • Work done by a constant force and a variable force
  • kinetic energy
  • work-energy theorem
  • power
  • Notion of potential energy
  • potential energy of a spring
  • conservative forces
  • conservation of mechanical energy (kinetic and potential energies)
  • motion in a vertical circle
  • elastic and inelastic collisions in one and two dimensions

Unit V: Motion of System of Particles and Rigid Body

  • Centre of mass of a two-particle system
  • momentum conservation and centre of mass motion
  • Centre of mass of a rigid body
  • centre of mass of uniform rod
  • Moment of a force
  • torque
  • angular momentum
  • conservation of angular momentum with some examples
  • Equilibrium of rigid bodies
  • rigid body rotation and equation of rotational motion
  • comparison of linear and rotational motions
  • moment of inertia
  • radius of gyration
  • Values of M.I. for simple geometrical objects (no derivation)
  • Statement of parallel and perpendicular axes theorems and their applications

Unit VI: Gravitation

  • Kepler’s laws of planetary motion
  • The universal law of gravitation
  • Acceleration due to gravity and its variation with altitude and depth
  • Gravitational potential energy
  • gravitational potential
  • Escape velocity
  • orbital velocity of a satellite
  • Geostationary satellites

Unit VII: Properties of Bulk Matter

  • Elastic behaviour
  • Stress-strain relationship
  • Hooke’s law
  • Young’s modulus
  • bulk modulus
  • shear
  • modulus of rigidity
  • poisson’s ratio
  • elastic energy
  • Pressure due to a fluid column
  • Pascal’s law and its applications (hydraulic lift and hydraulic brakes)
  • Effect of gravity on fluid pressure
  • Viscosity
  • Stokes’ law
  • terminal velocity
  • Reynold’s number
  • streamline and turbulent flow
  • Critical velocity
  • Bernoulli’s theorem and its applications
  • Surface energy and surface tension
  • angle of contact
  • excess of pressure
  • application of surface tension
  • ideas to drops
  • bubbles and capillary rise
  • Heat
  • temperature
  • thermal expansion
  • thermal expansion of solids
  • liquids
  • and gases
  • Anomalous expansion
  • Specific heat capacity: Cp, Cv – calorimetry
  • change of state – latent heat
  • Heat transfer – conduction and thermal conductivity
  • convection and radiation
  • Qualitative ideas of Black Body Radiation
  • Wein’s displacement law
  • and Green House effect
  • Newton’s law of cooling and Stefan’s law

Unit VIII: Thermodynamics

  • Thermal equilibrium and definition of temperature (zeroth law of Thermodynamics)
  • Heat
  • work and internal energy
  • First law of thermodynamics
  • Isothermal and adiabatic processe
  • Second law of thermodynamics: Reversible and irreversible processes
  • Heat engines and refrigerators

Unit IX: Behaviour of Perfect Gas and Kinetic Theory

  • Equation of state of a perfect gas
  • work done on compressing a gas
  • Kinetic theory of gases: Assumptions
  • concept of pressure
  • Kinetic energy and temperature
  • rms speed of gas molecules
  • degrees of freedom
  • law of equipartition of energy (statement only) and application to specific heat capacities of gases
  • concept of mean free path
  • Avogadro’s number

Unit X: Oscillations and Waves

  • Periodic motion
  • period
  • frequency
  • displacement as a function of time
  • Periodic functions
  • Simple harmonic motion (SHM) and its equation
  • phase
  • oscillations of a spring – restoring force and force constant
  • energy in SHM – kinetic and potential energies
  • simple pendulum – derivation of expression for its time period
  • free, forced and damped oscillations (qualitative ideas only)
  • resonance
  • Wave motion
  • Longitudinal and transverse waves
  • speed of wave motion
  • Displacement relation for a progressive wave
  • Principle of superposition of waves
  • reflection of waves
  • standing waves in strings and organ pipes
  • fundamental mode and harmonics
  • Beats
  • Doppler effect

Our Approach

At MLK Home & Online Tutoring Service, we find that when students understand how Physics applies in their lives, they learn to appreciate and often begin to enjoy looking for patterns, thinking through problems, recognizing connections and reasoning logically to come up with solutions. Our knowledgeable Physics tutors guide students through the problems so that students gain confidence in being able to tackle similar problems on their own.

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