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Physics Tutoring for grade 12- Find home Tutors, Online Tutors, home Tuition & Private Tutors for physics Class XII

MLK Home & Online Tutor can help you find the most qualified home & Online Physics Tutors for class/grade 12 across Ghaziabad, Noida, Delhi, Bangalore in Karnataka, Pune in Maharashtra, Hyderabad in Andhra Pradesh, Mumbai in Maharashtra, New Delhi in Delhi, Gurgaon in Haryana, Chandigarh in Punjab and Haryana, Noida in Uttar Pradesh, Ahmedabad in Gujarat & Chennai in Tamil nadu.

MLK Home & Online Tutor can help you find Physics Tutors for class/grade 12 we have available nears you. We will send him to your home for one free trial class, if satisfied with his tutoring, and then continue. We are the only place, where just a single Call or Message will recommend you Physics Tutors for class/grade XII for your personal needs, arranged according to their rates and distance from you. Science can be an extremely tough subject to get to grips with, but private Science tuition can really help your learning!

If you are a Physics Tutor wishing to provide home tutoring in Physics for class/grade 12 or in any of our other subjects, please register with MLK Home & Online Tutor.

MLK Home & Online Tutoring Service offers In-home and Online Physics tutoring for students in grades 9-12, OLYMPIADS, NTSE test preparation and foundation course for AIEEE and IIT-JEE entrance exams with one-on-one instruction in various areas and topics in Physics. The emphasis is on teaching the fundamentals of Physics through real-life examples and illustrations.

MLK Home and online Tutoring Service offers Physics Home Tuitions and Private Online Tuitions in Ghaziabad, Noida and East Delhi for the following Grades:

Physics Grade 9 home tutors
Physics Grade 10 home tutors
Physics Grade 11 home tutors

Physics Tutors – Program Details

MLK Home & Online Tutoring Service’s Physics tutoring programs put an emphasis on teaching the fundamentals of Physics using observations from everyday life and illustrative reference materials. Our program includes lesson plans that cover the following topics:

Physics Syllabus for Grade 12

Unit I: Electrostatics

  • Electric charges and their conservation
  • Coulomb’s law – force between two point charges
  • forces between multiple charges
  • superposition principle and continuous charge distribution
  • Electric field
  • electric field due to a point charge
  • electric field lines
  • electric dipole
  • electric field due to a dipole
  • torque on a dipole in a uniform electric field
  • Electric flux
  • statement of Gauss’s theorem and its applications to find field due to infinitely long straight wire
  • uniformly charged infinite plane sheet and uniformly charged thin spherical shell (field inside and outside)
  • Electric potential
  • potential difference
  • electric potential due to a point charge
  • a dipole and system of charges
  • equipotential surfaces
  • electrical potential energy of a system of two point charges and of electric dipoles in an electrostatic field
  • Conductors and insulators
  • free charges and bound charges inside a conductor
  • Dielectrics and electric
  • polarisation
  • capacitors and capacitance
  • combination of capacitors in series and in parallel
  • capacitance of a parallel plate capacitor with and without dielectric medium between the plates
  • energy stored in a capacitor
  • Van de Graaff generator

Unit II: Current Electricity

  • Electric current
  • flow of electric charges in a metallic conductor
  • drift velocity and mobility
  • and their relation with electric current
  • Ohm’s law
  • electrical resistance
  • V-I characteristics (linear and non-linear)
  • electrical energy and power
  • electrical resistivity and conductivity
  • Carbon resistors
  • colour code for carbon resistors
  • series and parallel combinations of resistors
  • temperature dependence of resistance
  • Internal resistance of a cell
  • potential difference and emf of a cell
  • combination of cells in series and in parallel
  • Kirchhoff ’s laws and simple applications
  • Wheatstone bridge
  • metre bridge
  • Potentiometer – principle and applications to measure potential difference
  • and for comparing emf of two cells
  • measurement of internal resistance of a cell

Unit III: Magnetic Effects of Current and Magnetism

  • Concept of magnetic field
  • Oersted’s experiment
  • Biot - Savart law and its application to current carrying circular loop
  • Ampere’s law and its applications to infinitely long straight wire
  • straight and toroidal solenoids
  • Force on a moving charge in uniform magnetic and electric fields
  • Cyclotron
  • Force on a current-carrying conductor in a uniform magnetic field
  • Force between two parallel currentcarrying conductors – definition of ampere
  • Torque experienced by a current loop in a magnetic field
  • moving coil galvanometer – its current sensitivity and conversion to ammeter and voltmeter
  • Current loop as a magnetic dipole and its magnetic dipole moment
  • Magnetic dipole moment of a revolving electron
  • Magnetic field intensity due to a magnetic dipole (bar magnet) along its axis and perpendicular to its axis
  • Torque on a magnetic dipole (bar magnet) in a uniform magnetic field
  • bar magnet as an equivalent solenoid
  • magnetic field lines
  • Earth’s magnetic field and magnetic elements
  • Para-, dia- and ferro - magnetic substances, with examples
  • Electromagnets and factors affecting their strengths
  • Permanent magnets

Unit IV: Electromagnetic Induction and Alternating Currents

  • Electromagnetic induction
  • Faraday’s law
  • induced emf and current
  • Lenz’s Law
  • Eddy currents
  • Self and mutual inductance
  • Alternating currents
  • peak and rms value of alternating current/voltage
  • reactance and impedance
  • LC oscillations (qualitative treatment only)
  • LCR series circuit
  • resonance
  • power in AC circuits
  • wattles current
  • AC generator and transformer

Unit V: Electromagnetic Waves

  • Need for displacement current
  • Electromagnetic waves and their characteristics (qualitative ideas only)
  • Transverse nature of electromagnetic waves
  • Electromagnetic spectrum (radio waves, microwaves, infrared, visible, ultraviolet, x-rays, gamma rays) including elementary facts about their uses

Unit VI: Optics

  • Reflection of light
  • spherical mirrors
  • mirror formula
  • Refraction of light
  • total internal reflection and its applications
  • optical fibres
  • refraction at spherical surfaces
  • lenses
  • thin lens formula
  • lens-maker’s formula
  • Magnification
  • power of a lens
  • combination of thin lenses in contact combination of a lens and a mirror
  • Refraction and dispersion of light through a prism
  • Scattering of light – blue colour of the sky and reddish appearance of the sun at sunrise and sunset
  • Optical instruments: Human eye
  • image formation and accommodation
  • correction of eye defects (myopia and hypermetropia) using lenses
  • Microscopes and astronomical telescopes (reflecting and refracting) and their magnifying powers
  • Wave optics: Wavefront and Huygens’ principle
  • reflection and refraction of plane wave at a plane surface using wavefronts
  • Proof of laws of reflection and refraction using Huygens’ principle
  • Interference
  • Young’s double hole experiment and expression for fringe width
  • coherent sources and sustained interference of light
  • Diffraction due to a single slit
  • width of central maximum
  • Resolving power of microscopes and astronomical telescopes
  • Polarisation
  • plane polarised light
  • Brewster’s law
  • uses of plane polarised light and Polaroids

Unit VII: Dual Nature of Matter and Radiation

  • Photoelectric effect
  • Hertz and Lenard’s observations
  • Einstein’s photoelectric equation – particle nature of light
  • Matter waves – wave nature of particles
  • de Broglie relation
  • Davisson-Germer experiment (experimental details should be omitted; ly conclusion should be explained.)

Unit VIII: Atoms and Nuclei

  • Alpha - particle scattering experiment
  • Rutherford’s model of atom
  • Bohr model
  • energy levels
  • hydrogen spectrum
  • Composition and size of nucleus
  • atomic masses
  • isotopes
  • isobars
  • isotones
  • Radioactivity – alpha, beta and gamma particles/rays and their properties
  • radioactive decay law
  • Mass-energy relation
  • mass defect
  • binding energy per nucleon and its variation with mass number
  • nuclear fission and fusion

Unit IX: Electronic Devices

  • Energy bands in solids (qualitative ideas only), conductors
  • insulators and semiconductors
  • semiconductor diode – I-V characteristics in forward and reverse bias
  • diode as a rectifier
  • I-V characteristics of LED
  • photodiode
  • solar cell
  • Zener diode
  • Zener diode as a voltage regulator
  • Junction transistor
  • transistor action
  • characteristics of a transistor
  • transistor as an amplifier (common emitter configuration) and oscillator
  • Logic gates (OR, AND, NOT, NAND and NOR)
  • Transistor as a switch

Unit X: Communication Systems

  • Elements of a communication system (block diagram only)
  • bandwidth of signals (speech, TV and digital data)
  • bandwidth of transmission medium
  • Propagation of electromagnetic waves in the atmosphere
  • sky and space wave propagation
  • Need for modulation
  • Production and detection of an amplitude-modulated wave

Our Approach

At MLK Home & Online Tutoring Service, we find that when students understand how Physics applies in their lives, they learn to appreciate and often begin to enjoy looking for patterns, thinking through problems, recognizing connections and reasoning logically to come up with solutions. Our knowledgeable Physics tutors guide students through the problems so that students gain confidence in being able to tackle similar problems on their own.

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